About Me

Greta Makena Gibson is a writer, director, musician, and editor local to Vancouver, BC. Their love of storytelling sparked early, and they grew up in the film industry, where both their parents frequently worked. In high school they began winning awards for their film-making and writing. They graduated from the Motion Picture Arts Program at Capilano University in 2018, where they immediately launched herself into constant writing and film creation. Their short film “The Rio: A Love Story” was a notable achievement, as a contribution to the “Save the Rio” campaign, to protect a beloved local theater from demolition.

Greta has continued on to write and direct advertisements, PSAs, and promos for a number of local Vancouver organizations. They have also worked as story editor on a number of short films around Vancouver.

Their first book of poetry "Everything I've Ever Felt, All At Once" which features her popular poem "Vancouver Gothic," hit shelves, February 2020.

Greta is also the show-runner and host of the new anthology podcast "Under The Table, With Greta Makena Gibson." You can listen in on all your favourite audio streaming services.

When Greta is not making films or working on a new piece, they can be found making music, cooking, dancing around Vancouver, or spending quality time with their cat, Matilda.

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Please feel free to contact Greta for her rates as a writer, director, musician, or story editor.

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